Other Vegetables


SR-CA 041

•Suitable for cultivation in Spring & Summer. •Excellent for fresh market .

SR-CA 025

• Recommended for early spring late summer, and fall. • Tolerant for tough conditions .


SR-CW 65

• Hold well in fields • Subtropical type • Heat tolerant • Recommended flower bud formation 20-25 C

SR-CW 62

• Year around transplanting . •Long shelf life.

SR-CW 61

•Year around transplanting period.

SR-CW 68

•Flower bud formation needs temperature around 15-20 c •Long shelf life


SR-E 147

Recommended for Summer plantation

SR-E 146

•Recommended for winter under low tunnels and greenhouse and for autumn segment.

SR-E 112

• Suitable for greenhouse during winter. • In spring, summer & autumn for open field. • Good performance in hot condition & stress.

SR-E 151

• Suitable for greenhouse during winter. • Suitable in spring, summer & autumn for open field


Hot peppers add magical flavor to dishes. Its colors vary, from dark green to pale green down to dark red. Most can be used fresh, cooked, or dried, even pickle. Our main concern to produce varieties with excellent plant health, resistance, size, production, wall thickness, maturation & shelf life suitable for planting in greenhouses, tunnels & open fields. Also, we do not miss to offer variation in the pungency to suit all consumers.

SR-P 1151

• Strong variety. • Excellent for cold seasons. • Highly recommended for spring, summer, and winter plantation.

SR-P 1179

• Strong variety. • Recommended for winter & spring plantation. • Excellent for export. • Green or red post-harvest.

SR-PH 369

• Strong variety. • Continues production throughout the season. • Highly recommended for spring plantation.

SR-PH 669

• Strong variety. • Continues production throughout the season. • Highly recommended for spring, fall & summer plantation.


Sweet Pepper is grown year-round and comes in attractive rainbow colors, and many different types and sizes. We focus on excellent yields, firmness, colors, and resistance to various diseases. We offer an abundant portfolio of sweet pepper as Lamuyo, Blocky & Italian adequate for growing in greenhouses or tunnels, as well as for open field cultivation, suited for every growing season or climate conditions.

SR-PS 1183

• Strong variety. • High production in cold. • For winter Plantation (Greenhouse) • For spring plantation (Open field)

SR-PS 1135

• Strong variety. Good production. • Suitable to plant under different environmental conditions.


SR-S 722

Recommended for early spring, late summer and fall.

SR-S 902

• Recommended for early spring and late fall. • Good at different temperatures. • Very resistant to breakage.

SR-S 1209

• Recommended for spring and summer. • very attractive . • Good flower attachment. • High standardization. • Good resistance to diseases.

SR-S 765

• Strong plant. • Suitable for multi-sector farms. • Maintains the good color of vegetables in cold and warm conditions.

SR-S 768

• For cultivation in spring and summer. • Long seasonal production as a result of plant vitality and erect growth yields. • high quality . • Stable color even in relatively hot conditions

SR-S 789

• Recommended for early spring, late summer and fall. • Suitable for difficult conditions.