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NPK High Phosphorus Powder

NPK High Phosphorus Powder

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NPK High Phosphorus Powder products according to lineage:

  • 10-55-10
  • 15-30-15
  • 20-50-10
  • 10-40-10

Fertilizers rich in phosphorus contain a large percentage of phosphorus compared to nitrogen and potassium. Phosphorus is typically the predominant nutrient in these fertilizers, often representing more than 10-15% of the total composition. High phosphorus content is designed to meet the plant’s needs during critical growth stages, especially during early root development, flowering, and fruit formation.

Benefits of high phosphorus fertilizer:

  • Promotes root development: Phosphorus-rich fertilizers stimulate root growth, establishing strong, expansive root systems that improve nutrient and water
  • Enhances flowering and fruiting: Adequate phosphorus levels promote the initiation, development, and pollination of flowers, leading to improved fruit quality and
  • Supports early plant growth: Providing sufficient phosphorus during early growth stages ensures strong establishment and vitality, paving the way for healthy growth and development throughout the growth period.


While phosphorus is essential for plant growth, excessive application of phosphorus-rich fertilizers can lead to imbalances in nutrient levels, environmental pollution, and water quality issues. It’s essential to follow recommended agricultural practices, including soil testing and nutrient management planning, to ensure effective and sustainable use of phosphorus-rich fertilizers.

It can be used in autumn for plowing and in spring during seeding, as well as for pre-seeding cultivation. It dissolves in the soil, providing temporary alkalinity to the soil pH around fertilizer granules, thus promoting better phosphorus uptake from fertilizers in acidic soil.

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High Phosphorus – Powder


High Phosphorus – Powder


High Phosphorus – Powder


High Phosphorus – Powder


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