balanced NPK Fertilizer Granular Arham

balanced NPK Fertilizer Granular Arham

balanced NPK Fertilizer Granular Arham

Balanced NPK Fertilizer Granular Arham is considered one of the best and most famous types of is also called by the name of the twenties or NPK, it is called by this name because it contains nitrogen elements and its symbol is N. it also contains phosphorus and its symbol is P and it also has potassium and its symbol is K. these elements are equal in the fertilizer and each element is 20% and comes in multiple types and different brands, but these elements apply to them.



Ingredients of Balanced NPK Fertilizer Granular Arham

This fertilizer consists of multiple elements, including phosphorus, nitrogen and potassium, and these elements are nutrients that may be needed in plants and soils, and each plays a role in cell formation, flower production, fertility increase and bacterial activity, and each fertilizer comes in its role, including:


It is one of the elements that have the keys to photosynthesis, where phosphorus begins to work at a cellular level and as soon as it produces chlorophyll, it stimulates the chlorophyll that it absorbs, so that starches and carbohydrates are converted into food for the plant, and it also helps in building protein and enzymes that nitrogen works on in order to regulate water and nutrients, and a plant rich in phosphorus fruits and flowers are abundant instead of only leaves being produced.


Nitrogen provides a very important role in the proper growth of trees, and this is done through the production of chlorophyll present in the plant, giving green leaves, including providing energy on the basis of which photosynthesis is carried out and carbohydrates and starches are converted into food, and may contribute to the nutrition of enzymes and protein that absorb water and distribute nutrients and water to all parts of plants.


Potassium is one of the elements responsible for the circulation of water and also nutrients, including photosynthesis, which works on all parts of plants, and it also works to activate enzymes and proteins that have been made through phosphorus in order to build healthy, plant and healthy cells, as well as potassium intervenes in appropriate quantities to resist heat, drought and diseases in order to maintain proper humidity and potassium works mainly for the plant for large fruits such as watermelon, tomatoes and zucchini.

When to use NPK balanced fertilizer granular uterus

When you use Balanced NPK Fertilizer Granular Arham, you must put it at the right time in order to get impressive results and through these lines we explain the appropriate times for it:

When you use NPK fertilizer, you should use it in the first spring before the crops start growing.

NPK fertilizer is also used for young trees after the leaves are shed during the first year, but by March 15.

When you use NPK fertilizer for ornamental plants, you plant them from April 14 to September 30.

You should fertilize the plant in general before the growing season is completed, and also after the frost period has passed, and the soil is expected to be warm, and growth signs are also made.

What are the symptoms of Balanced NPK Fertilizer Granular Arham

There are many symptoms that appear in the plant when there is a shortage of important elements, including phosphorus, nitrogen, and also potassium, on the basis of which NPK fertilizer is made, and through the following steps we show the smallest details of the symptoms of the plant that appear through it:

The lack of nitrogen inside the plant can be detected by the appearance of many symptoms, including that the growth of the plant is stopped, and this is due to the weakness of the STEM.

there may be many other symptoms by which a lack of nitrogen is detected, namely discoloration or yellowing of the leaves.

Phosphorus deficiency flowers may be done when the plant sheds and stops growing and also the color of the leaves turns purple as it is the yield is reduced which is done through phosphorus deficiency.

In many places there is a lack of potassium inside the plant, it may appear in some leaves, including the weakness of the plant and you get a small amount of fruits, and the leaves are burned quickly, in addition, the color of the leaves turns brown.

How is NPK fertilizer used

You need to follow these steps so that you can find out how NPK fertilizer is used, and these steps are as follows:

First, use a tablespoon of fertilizer and analyze it in 10 liters of water and you have to water the plant completely without the fertilizer being mixed with water, in other words, we fill the plant basin with fertilizer and the solution on it.

Another way is to apply the fertilizer evenly through a tablespoon inside the tree about two meters tall and if the trees are smaller, the same amount.

We put a tablespoon of compost, 10 liters of water on it and spray the leaves.

What is the importance of the ingredients for Balanced NPK Fertilizer Granular Arham

This fertilizer may consist of three components that seem to be the main ones, and each element has a benefit and a role that works on plant growth in a positive and healthy way, so follow these steps so that you know about the importance of each element and what role it plays:

Element N: this element symbolizes nitrogen and has a great importance inside the plant, as it works on the growth of leaves in a positive and healthy way.

Element P: one of the benefits of an element is that it germinates roots positively, and this symbol symbolizes the element phosphorus, which properly grows flowers, seeds and fruits.

Element K: this element stands for potassium and this has a great role in helping the plant to grow properly without any problems.

What are NPK fertilizer

Although there are many special benefits of Balanced NPK Fertilizer Granular Arham, it has some harms that you need to follow so as not to harm any of your special plants:

This fertilizer does not supply the plant with the abundant amount of nutrients it needs due to this reason NPK fertilizer because it does not contain a large amount of this element.

The main elements of this fertilizer are available in a small amount and are potassium, nitrogen and phosphorus and may be denoted by NPK.

This fertilizer may take time in whether it is vegetables or herbs for a long time when it is used.

When you wait for the desired results, you will wait a lot because the plant grows slowly, because this fertilizer is used by microorganisms and is also useful for the soil and is reviewed for a long time until it turns into a simple nutrient.

The products are not equal proportions when this fertilizer is prepared so when you buy it you must that this product has been tested in its laboratory.

NPK fertilizer may contain huge proportions of microbes, which may adversely affect the soil.

This fertilizer makes a lot of weeds grow and also unwanted weeds.



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