Powder NPK High Potassium

Powder NPK High Potassium

Powder NPK High Potassium

Powder NPK High Potassium  

Powder NPK High Potassium is used to improve agriculture and plant production, and it is one of the most important fertilizers that cannot be dispensed with in improving plant growth and improving the productive state of it, especially since there are many species of plants that need higher levels of potassium, and these are found in the high potassium powder, which contains about 51% of the potassium content in it.

Powder NPK High Potassium

Powder NPK High Potassium

Benefits of Powder NPK High Potassium  

This sleep of fertilizers is important and necessary because of its benefits, as it has many tasks that it performs in improving the quality of the plant, namely the following benefits:

It improves the growth of the crop and the plant well because it contains a large percentage of potassium, which is one of the most important basic factors for plant growth, and it helps the plant absorb water and all other nutrients.

It helps the plant to carry out photosynthesis well, helps to withstand stress and stresses in plants during the growth period such as resistance to extreme heat, salinity, drought, humidity, etc.factors.

Increases the quality with which fruits are produced, as a sufficient level of potassium in plants significantly improves the quality of fruits and vegetables.

Potassium contributes to the strengthening of plant cell walls, and this makes them resistant to any pests or diseases.

It is used for crops that need potassium without nitrogen during their growth, such as strawberries and grapes.

The product raises plants in resistance to all climatic or weather conditions unsuitable for growth, such as strong heat or drought.

Uses of Powder NPK High Potassium

NPK high potassium powder can be used in many tasks and in many ways, and these are its most important uses:

It is possible to apply high potassium fertilizers directly to the soil, but the amount of fertilizer to be placed in the soil in which the plant grows is studied, the type of soil is also studied and the amount of crop.

It is also used in foliar application, where these high potassium fertilizers can be used by applying them directly to the leaves of the plant, this method is also called (foliar spray), and this method is usually used in cases such as vaccination or preventing potassium deficiency.

It can be used in irrigation applications, as these fertilizers can be used within the periodic irrigation system of plants.

Note: it is necessary or taken into account that Powder NPK High Potassium  should be used along with other other nutrients important for plants, such as nitrogen, phosphorus, etc., which improves the growth and production of the plant.

How to use Powder NPK High Potassium  

For the irrigation system, the powder is easily used by placing half a spoonful of approximately equivalent (1.5 grams) of powder on each liter of water, and it is used only once a week.

With the Foliar Spray system, about a quarter of a teaspoon of powder (0.75 grams) is used on each liter of water, and it is sprayed on the leaves once a week.

But it is necessary to choose a good and safe powder type on plants, especially those that produce vegetables and fruits so as not to cause any damage, and in order to be safe on plants and not cause damage or death, remembering that the powder is not taken care of at the expense of the rest of the other nutrients for plant growth, all fertilizers must be balanced.

Properties of Powder NPK High Potassium  

This outstanding powder is available with the best characteristics that make it distinctive from other powders, and these characteristics are as follows:

  • It is considered a balanced fertilizer, it dissolves well in water.
  • The sample has a high-quality purity, as it contains NPK.
  • This fertilizer is completely free of sodium, chlorine and any heavy elements on the plant.
  • The product is suitable for all types of agricultural crops, it is suitable for all different irrigation systems.
  • It suits different crop ages, but a specific amount is set for each crop, and this is one of the most important things to pay attention to.

What are the best times to apply high potassium powder

It is worth noting that NPK high potassium powder is one of the best fertilizers for plants ever, but there are some important and necessary times when the powder gives its highest results, namely the following:

  • It is preferable to use it at the first beginning of plant growth; because it stimulates their growth due to the potassium stimulus, which provides this advantage in plants at the first growth stage.
  • It is also used after the first growth phase if the farmer believes that his plants need a greater amount of phosphorus to stimulate the growth of roots in the soil.
  • It is also used in the phase immediately before flowering, to promote the growth of fruits or vegetables, and to enhance their fertilization.
  • It is also used with soil-free crops, as it is a high source of phosphorus.
  • It is mixed with the rest of the fertilizers in order to provide the whole crop with the nutrients necessary for the plant to fully complete its growth.

Note: avoid mixing the Concentrated Solution completely with any fertilizers containing calcium or magnesium, as they can cause the opposite result, harm the plant and hinder its growth phase.

The most suitable date for applying high potassium powder

It is worth noting that NPK high potassium powder is one of the most important organic fertilizers that stimulate the growth of plants well, and in order for the powder to be used well, it was necessary to study and identify the dates and times when it is better to put this organic fertilizer in the soil, which are the following times:

  • In winter, it is preferable to add organic fertilizers such as powder (NPK) early in the morning.
  • It is also preferable to put it well before the growing season and the activity of plants, because organic matter always needs a longer time to decompose, so that it becomes better and well and is prepared for absorption by the roots.
  • Also one of the best times is to use the powder at the beginning of spring, which is called (the growing season for plants).

How to choose a good organic fertilizer

Before choosing organic fertilizer, it is necessary to check well the place from which it will be purchased, because choosing a good organic fertilizer is a big responsibility that is difficult to provide except with trusted authorities, and that’s why we provide the best Powder NPK High Potassium  that contains all the basic specifications of the original organic fertilizer, which are as follows:

Manure is a good heat and decomposition processor, which improves the tolerance of plants to the difficult conditions surrounding it.

  • Its smell is very simple, almost non-existent.
  • Its color ranges from dark brown to black, and it is also completely devoid of any lumps.
  • A product that does not contain insects completely, does not contain any pathogens.
  • The salinity of the powder is not more than 10 MMOs/ CM.
  • Its pH value is not more than 7.5.
  • Also, the ratio of carbon to nitrogen in this organic fertilizer does not exceed 20.
  • The content of sodium chloride element in organic fertilizer is not more than 20%.

It is necessary to obtain Powder NPK High Potassium  to maintain the quality of plants during their growth stages, it works to enhance growth and strengthen the roots, making them grow well and live better.


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