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NPK High Nitrogen Suspension

NPK High Nitrogen Suspension


NPK High Nitrogen Suspension products according to lineage:

  • 30-10-10
  • 40-10-10

Fertilizers rich in nitrogen contain a large percentage of nitrogen compared to phosphorus and potassium. Nitrogen is typically the predominant nutrient in these fertilizers, often representing more than 20% of the total composition.

High nitrogen fertilizer is designed to meet the demand for nitrogen during the vegetative growth stage of plants, promoting strong leaf growth and green coloration.


  • Promotes dense leaf growth: Nitrogen-rich fertilizers stimulate rapid vegetative growth, resulting in dense leaves with increased size and
  • Enhances photosynthesis: Nitrogen is an essential element in chlorophyll, the pigment responsible for photosynthesis. Adequate nitrogen levels improve photosynthetic efficiency, leading to improved plant growth and
  • Supports rapid recovery: Nitrogen-rich fertilizers are beneficial for rejuvenating plants after stresses such as pruning, transplanting, or environmental stress, helping them to recover quickly and resume healthy growth.
  • Improves crop yield: Providing sufficient nitrogen during critical growth stages ensures optimal plant development, leading to higher yields in plants such as vegetables, grasses, and greens.


  • While nitrogen-rich fertilizers promote strong vegetative growth, excessive nitrogen application can lead to fertility imbalances and environmental deterioration, including nutrient leaching and groundwater pollution.
  • It is essential to consider the specific nutrient requirements of different plant species, soil conditions, and environmental factors when selecting and applying nitrogen-rich fertilizers to achieve optimal results without negative
  • In summary, nitrogen-rich fertilizers are valuable tools for promoting dense foliage and vigorous vegetative growth in plants, but their application requires careful consideration of plant needs, soil conditions, and environmental sustainability.

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High Nitrogen – Suspension


High Nitrogen – Suspension


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